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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. P!nk's zygote during development:
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  3. Because it's...

    never really over.
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  4. Potatoes cannot drown though.
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  5. Come on, now.
  6. I know my post was a bit blunt but in all seriousness how can someone genuinely be attracted to "intelligence" - what does intelligence even mean? How do you measure it? Is it people that are good at maths? People who can speak more than one language? People who can remember dates and events really well?

    Someone isn't attractive to you until you find out their high school grades? What about emotional intelligence? And is intelligence the same thing in the Western world vs the rest of the world? And so on and so on. Intelligence isn't the same thing as, I dunno, red blood cell counts - it's not a tangible thing you can actually see and accurately measure and it means so many different things to different people in different cultures. One person's IQ score can't really be compared to another in the same way you can compare things like height, for example.

    So yeah, a social construct dddd.
  7. Thomas Cook is on the verge of collapse, my flight home with them is tomorrow...
    If they go bust do I
    A) go and live in the airport like Tom Hanks in The Terminal
    B) start a new life in the USA on the run from the law
    C) have Faith our government will have and quick a easy plan in place to get me home

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  8. When you're turned on by the social benefits coming from dating someone perceived as intelligent but too chicken to admit that.

  9. We're applying for a grant here at work and have to film a pitch video and my boss couldn't find a real patient to volunteer to give a 30 second blurb so I'm pretending to be a recovered patient.

    Suddenly the scam is we.

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  10. Oh no, of course I think the whole ~sapiosexual~ thing is ridiculous.
    I don't think intelligence can really be quantified in numbers such as IQ (which is also bullshit) and I understand the point you're trying to make. Obviously it's not just academic intelligence that matters, but I think in our day to day western modern life, from context, we generally know what someone means when they are talking about intelligence.

    Nn I'm actually the opposite of sapiosexual. I can't stand the thought of dating someone who people perceive as ~smarter~, more cultured, or even more good looking, than me. Yeah, pathetic, but it is what it is. Also, ""dumb"" (as in, simple, not refined, etc) guys are hot and tend to fuck better.
  11. Well exactly - in the exact same way we understand what someone means when they say "man" or "woman" - but they're still social constructs, regardless. But I agree with everything else you said. No offence meant to anyone but the idea of labelling yourself "sapiosexual" comes across kinda patronising and I think (hope?) Mark Ronson was probably thinking it was more along the lines of, "I'm attracted to someone's personality first, not necessarily their appearance" which I think is fair.
  12. Are you trying to get us yelled at on insta again
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  13. My sexuality is being turned off by people who describe themselves as sapiosexual

    I'm sapiosexualphobic.

    What's wrong with us dumb bitches we need stimulating too!!
  14. Ignorance is bliss anyway, so the smarties lost in the end. Sad!
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  15. Someone brought homemade brownies into the office and I’ve literally eaten five oops
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  16. My housemate was listening to an awful Chris Brown song on repeat so I'm blasting my Emotion vinyl loud and proud drowning out his straight nonsense.
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  17. I'm a shapiosexual – I'm only attracted to people with Shontelligence.
  18. Nothing feels right when I'm not with
    Sick of this dress and these
  19. I’m soapiosexual I fuck soap
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