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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Been feeling festive AF this week.

    Obviously by the actual festive season I'll hate it and be craving heat and sunlight again.
  2. rdp


    So you will tell me, did you ever care?
    I need to know that.... the play was fair
    PLEASE just tell me... that it hurts

  3. What a fucking bop

  4. omg where??
  5. i heard a rumor im drinking
  6. I just bought like three things from a vending machine and then the bottom door wouldn't open so I couldn't get them at all

  7. giving up just looking into wiiiiiindoooodows yeah
    ive had enough of wishing i found yooooooooooou babydontchaknow
    ive had as much as i can take of faaaaalliiiiiiiiing yeah
    ive gotta lot to learn bout riding throoooooooooough

  8. Ddd at someone making a brand new last.fm account just to leave me a comment calling me an ugly faggot. Muffy sis the desperation for attention.
  9. caloriiiiiiies~
    no more dem... carbs and sodium
    give it your all for low cholesterol
  10. I say, “That’s my baby, and I’m really proud”
  11. Them: who would you save from drown-
    RuPaul: HEY SQUIRRELFRIEND! when one video ends, just open up another one! It’s called binge viewing, go on I support you!
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  12. It's just some bullshit that heteros say to come across as interesting.
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  13. I'm super ill but still came to work today. Got here and it turns out I'm on my own all day because everyone else has managed to wangle their way out of working. Grreeeaaaattttt.
  14. Daddy AF (glee version)
  15. I woke up craving chicken pot pie.

  16. It’s one of my old college’s football game cheer songs. Other than that, I have no idea.
    University of Wisconsin. I don’t even know the origins of it being used, although most fight songs are pretty random too haha
  17. BTG


    Me after @Rommers thus declared a fatwa on the dancefloor.

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  18. I've finished it.
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