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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Look I’m not asking people to cancel La Duff, I’m just asking for people to stream Alexz Johnson.
  2. The funniest thing about Shania coming out as a Trump supporter was everyone here finally having an excuse to ditch the facade and stop pretending her new music was anything other than Britney Jean tier. The whiplash was iconic. Shania's autotuned chain smoker vocals were not.
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  3. She did seem high as fuck on pain pills at the time which definitely could have impeded her judgement (her appearing unapologetic months later when she wasn't is another thing) - I agree though.
    This mentality of speaking before thinking and then outright refusing to be educated is really bizarre.
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  4. Whew I napped today because I felt down and thought it would make me feel better but it didn’t so now I’m wide awake and still feeling down as shit
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  5. that 10pm coffee is finally kicking in

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  7. All I hear when I see this gif is "Fergalicious" for some reason
  8. I was looking at a company’s new employee starter forms at work yesterday and on one of them a guy had written gender: straight

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  9. Dkskdkdkskkdd
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  10. One poster went through and specifically liked the problematic posts in the Mildred thread....

  11. Hilary's Halloween costume was a hot mess and she clearly did not know how offensive it was ddd.
  12. Who the fuck is Alexz Johnson?
  13. Sis haven't you been introduced to like every pop singer ever within the past 6 months? Don't be playing games here.
  14. strong henny vibes
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  15. omg she’s hilarious fjdjfjdjd
  16. Oh I need this on a coffee mug.
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  17. Just realised we don’t get time travellers from the future because climate change is gonna kill us all before we can invent time travel :/

  18. -Star of Disney Channel's late 90s flagship show So Weird season 3
    -Star of The N's Instant Star from the people that brought you Degrassi
    -One of the victims of Final Destination #45782240.2 I think it was on an escalator?
    -One of the most gifted voices to come out of Canada And that's that!
  19. We stan a Disney-lite bop, even if I was mad that she replaced Fiona.

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