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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. I... well... Oasis must have attracted all the wrong uns in Sheffield.
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  2. you like, my meth? gee thanks, i'm on it
  3. This is reminding me that my hometown had a church called Free Methodist that everyone innocently referred to as "Free Meth." Those pews must've been lit on Sundays
  4. The spoons are sizzling with the sound of the lord’s music
  5. The Christian moms hearing "Free Meth":

  6. My boyfriend wanted to buy one we saw at Urban Outfitters and it was so exausting trying to explain that these only looked cool to like 1% of the population when they were invented / when I was 18 and this still stands now.
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  7. Bee tee dubs, "nothing really matters" is a brilliant video.
  8. Bucket hats are and have always been atrocities. MAYBE on a baby for practical purposes I’d allow one... and even then...
  9. The church sign said "parTy and play??"
  10. Shjdjfiwo why did my group agree to do a live demo during this presentation. I just know something is going to fuck up
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  11. 2014

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  12. Why is this the only version of this sketch available online? Ugggggh I love it so much.
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  13. Pin this to Comeback Corrs Ner
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  14. 2014

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    That was a classic!!
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  15. My bf makes us lunches for the week. Sometimes they're great, other times they're... not.

    I don't want to take another bite of pearl barley but it's there staring at me in the fridge expectantly.

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  16. Well... we aced it
  17. Pink wig
    Thick ass
    Give em whiplash

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  18. Gotta laugh at the attempts to resuscitate the Britney Blackout thread.
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