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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. you're weak radioactive bathroom dick is usually prime

  3. When I ask for a patient's name, address and date of birth as part of protocol and they reply "you should know all that by now, I'm here every day!"

  4. This is my most pressing problem. I think it's neurosis at this point.
  5. Not ideal at all, but I had a spell where I painted my nails daily last year... and the habit of biting them just vanished, even when I don't paint them daily anymore.
  6. Already helping my grandma cook the rice, gandules, pernil, turkey, potato salad, baked mac and cheese, etc. and it smells amazing.

  7. I’m sorry I seemed to have missed the stanning of the aughts over looked masterpiece.
  8. The first minute and a half of this, whew. She choked all of us.

  9. Down the drain.

    Down the drain.

    Down the drainDuh duh doh dowDdDah dah duh!!
  10. Chew gum. It's how I stopped biting my nails when I was 18. Stomach ulcers are worth it for beautiful nails.

  11. Tea is this is one of the best songs ever made, fuck @Sam lives.
  12. Sam



    Hello everyone work is hella busy how are we all I’m moving back into the city next week and being given responsibilities at my new job so life is good see you all after the general election x
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  13. Baby I'm not even in a gown.

    I'm just eating Turkey on the couch.
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  14. I have the nail biting solution but sometimes I’m too busy to think about it and I just get back into the swing of biting my nails. And if I’m really stressed i can bite through the taste of the stuff. Thinking about getting some sort of non washable, non-chippable, clear nail varnish if that exists. Any recommendations?
  15. I have a massive crush on a colleague and he decided to play 'Don't Start Now' in our studio


    followed by 'Dance Monkey'

  16. Cooking thanksgiving dinner this year

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  17. I’m shook that Alesha Dixon nabbed a judging position in America’s Got Talent.

    Queen. Cheryl who?
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  18. Cici pussy popping to this during the Parade in a red winter coat was a bitsy iconiqué
  19. Godfrey Gao died. He was so insanely handsome and so young, how sad.
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