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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Getting tagged in this thread during today’s mess made my anxiety go through the roof ddd.
  2. aux


    I am so fucked on this Sunday night
  3. The KPop subforum has always been the most welcoming along with the song contest threads. Definitely met and interacted with some fun and friendly members from those corners of the forums.
  4. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I just wanted to say that we loved this idea, and we brought it up a few months ago. We just didn't get any response.
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  5. [​IMG]
  6. Ok vanilla
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  7. Sam


    I have such a ... conflicted relationship with this place because on one hand it’s brought me some real, solid friendships that I absolutely treasure and it’s an absolute scream most of the time but on the other hand I do find the sometimes flagrant hostility kind of off-putting. Having been on the receiving end of it (not that I don’t recognise that in the past I have acted ..... awfully dd) it did make me have to take a step back and really try to not take everything as seriously, and also re-examine how I came across and work on whatever issues I might have been dealing with that contributed to all that.

    As well as that, I do think that the in-jokes and the camaraderie with all of us having spent literal years and years alongside each other could be off-putting, and there’s a very niche sense of humour found here that might be considered .... offensive if you aren’t in the know.

    This is starting to turn out a little tew self congratulatory so I’m just gonna say peace and blessings to our comrades the users and the woke mod team. But @administrators

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  8. In all honesty, I don’t use the forum anywhere near as much as I used to because certain mods being selective in when they want to play their role, puts me off posting.

    @95% of mods you’re doing amazing sweetie
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  9. Sam


    You when i came to visit: “I never use the forum anymore”

    Me, scrolling through my watched threads: “omg same like i’m far too busy I really just don’t have the time”
  10. Aside from running the Little Mix rate, I think I used the rate a handful of times in the second half of the year.
  11. If any wants to join in on a vortex of pitch black melancholy try listening to ghostin and mirrored heart back to back.
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  12. One quick scan of the forum shows that these are most the threads that could be moved into a General Artist Discussion child board, as well as the artist threads in Comeback Corner and then that can be left into some like Chat area with all those random threads people make in there.

    Alanis Morissette - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/alanis-morissette-general-discussion.22131/
    Alexandra Burke - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/alexandra-burke-general-discussion.27119/
    Alicia Keys - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/alicia-keys-general-discussion.35323/
    Amy Winehouse - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/general-amy-winehouse-discussion.5398/
    Amy Winehouse - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/general-amy-winehouse-discussion.5398/
    Amy Winehouse 2 - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/rip-amy-winehouse.23299/
    Annie - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/annie.6872/
    Aretha Franklin - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/rip-aretha-franklin.68479/
    Avicii - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/avicii-general-discussion.24078/
    Azealia Banks - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/azealia-banks-general-discussion.23894/
    Bat For Lashes - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/bat-for-lashes-general-discussion.5336/
    Beth Ditto - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/beth-ditto-general-discussion-fake-sugar.62733/
    Beyonce - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/beyonce-general-discussion.16212/
    Bjork - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/bjoerk-general-discussion.12042/
    Blonde - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/blondie-general-discussion.66734/
    Brandy - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/brandy-general-discussion.26444/
    Britney Spears - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/general-britney-spears-discussion.14216/
    Calvin Harris - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/calvin-harris.61418/
    Cassie - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/cassie.10878/
    Cher - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/cher.13363/
    Cheryl Cole - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/cheryl-cole-general-discussion.22013/
    Christina Aguilera - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/christina-aguilera-general-discussion.8467/
    Clean Bandit - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/clean-bandit-general-discussion.27766/
    Cyndi Lauper - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/cyndi-lauper-general-discussion.32115/
    Ellie Goulding - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/ellie-goulding.14257/
    Enya - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/enya-general-discussion.66237/
    Fleetwood Mac - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/fleetwood-mac.24776/
    Garbage - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/garbage-general-discussion.34808/
    George Michael - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/george-michael-general-discussion.22336/
    Girls Aloud - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/general-girls-aloud-discussion.6172/
    Girls Aloud 2 - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/general-girls-aloud-discussion-thread.2195/
    Hole - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/hole-general-discussion.25245/
    Imogen Heap - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/imogen-heap.3398/
    Janet Jackson - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/general-janet-jackson-discussion.11524/
    Jennifer Lopez - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/general-jennifer-lopez-discussion.59480/
    JoJo - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/jojo-general-discussion.21471/
    Justin Timberlake - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/justin-timberlake-general-discussion.16990/
    Kate Bush - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/kate-bush-general-mysteriousness-thread.26293/
    Katy Perry - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/katy-perry-general-discussion.58227/
    Kelis - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/kelis-general-discussion.19411/
    Kelly Clarkson - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/general-kelly-clarkson-discussion.13709/
    Kesha - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/kesha-general-discussion.59028/
    Koda Kumi - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/koda-kumi.9579/
    Kylie - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/kylie-in-general.9138/
    Lady Gaga - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/general-lady-gaga-discussion.16429/
    Lana Del Rey - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/lana-del-rey-general-discussion.25531/
    Little Boots - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/little-boots-general-discussion.39278/
    Little Mix - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/little-mix-general-discussion-thread.24022/
    Lykke Li - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/lykke-li.11924/
    Madonna - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/general-madonna-discussion.11104/
    Mariah Carey - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/mariah-carey-general-discussion-the-festive-edition.23456/
    Marilyn Manson - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/marilyn-manson-general-discussion.24981/
    Marina - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/marina-the-diamonds-general-discussion.34462/
    Max Martin - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/max-martin-general-discussion.59201/
    Michael Jackson - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/general-michael-jackson-discussion.9956/
    Michael Jackson 2 - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/michael-jackson-1958-2009.13729/
    Miley Cyrus - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/miley-cyrus-general-discussion.71016/
    MUNA - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/muna-general-discussion.57328/
    Nadine Coyle - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/general-nadine-coyle-discussion.12791/
    Namie Amuro - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/namie-amuro.11270/
    Nelly Furtado - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/nelly-furtado-general-discussion.1632/
    P!nk - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/pink-general-discussion.12076/
    Poppy - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/poppy-general-discussion.48460/
    Prince - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/prince.59940/
    Rihanna - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/rihanna-general-discussion.16379/
    Robyn - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/robyn-general-discussion.25433/
    Röyksopp - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/roeyksopp-general-discussion.27557/
    Scissor Sisters - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/scissor-sisters-general-discussion.25021/
    Shawn Mendes - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/shawn-mendes-general-discussion.34436/
    Sia - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/sia-general-discussion-thread.65467/
    Sky Ferreira - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/sky-ferreira-general-discussion.14748/
    Sophie Ellis-Bextor - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/sophie-ellis-bextor.17309/
    Steps - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/steps-general-discussion-thread.10759/
    Sugababes - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/sugababes.16806/
    The Saturdays - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/the-saturdays-general-discussion.7533/
    Vanessa Carlton - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/vanessa-carlton-general-discussion.12361/
    Xenomania - https://forum.popjustice.com/threads/xenomania-general-discussion.14797/

    And then artists with their only thread being a general discussion thread could just be left in the main section of Pop & Justice? I guess? I don't know but look @Popjustice half the work is done, you just need to make the section. Add some title guidelines that every title needs to be "[Artist] - General Discussion" or something and boom.
  13. This is more of a general comment, but I'd like a general discussion thread (like the Let's Talk Music board on Reddit I guess) for all those articles like "why don't people buy music anymore?" or those kinds of industry articles (I think The Lost Years of Music was one of the semi recent ones). Sometimes I just find random Billboard articles I'm interested in but I don't think it deserves a thread on its own or it would get lost in the Pop Thoughts thread. And I'd like to be able to go through those threads all at once instead of forgetting about them after they reach page 2.
    I found two articles but then I realized they're from the same author and posted a year apart exactly.
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  14. Dddd this extensive list!!

    You have far too much free time
  15. I've spent the last 8 years trying to gain access to the admin panel so I can permanently delete @RJF's existence off of this hellsite and nothing's going to get in the way of my life's work.

  16. Yas martyr me!!
  17. brb throwin on my louboutins
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  18. I am free
    yeah yeah
    oh oh
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  19. Sis no offense, but this kind of response based in personal interests and forum history just highlights why you probably shouldn't be a mod.
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  20. Like how you gonna ask a member of a forum to leave you alone and also want to preside over them in a position of power where youre more or less meant to have no vested pretences or interests LMAO
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