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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. are u ever on PornHub and then suddenly there’s videos of guys like actually smoking meth and you just keep scrolling and think like “guess that’s allowed work”
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  2. Oh my fucking God!

  3. Me when my second grade teacher confiscated my Hit Clips.
  4. The hair part ddd yes read her
  5. That was a depressing read. Relieved to know she managed to get out of this relationship quick.
  6. Wait how have I been on this forum since like 2007, actually remember those usernames and not know any of this happened?!

  7. I tried to pop it so much when I was drunk and now it’s infected

    wig okay
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  8. Already got tickets yaaaAAAAaaaaAass
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  9. It’s Valentine’s Day.
  10. This random thought comes courtesy of a particularly great run of shuffled songs on Spotify, but 'Do It Again' back to back with 'Touch' really should've launched Pia Mia into the stratosphere back in 2015.
  11. He sound like a little Trump
  12. K94


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  13. What a mess.
  14. My java code to me when I test it thinking it’s gonna work
  15. Me applying to 2 jobs at the same time and realizing I saved both my cover letters with the same filename so I might have sent the wrong cover letter to each.

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  16. I had an interview yesterday for job #3.

    Me getting the enthusiastic email follow today and to inform me that I have to do a case about recruitment to prove my skills, while I applied for marketing...
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