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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. That gif with the crane Hdjdkdjjdjdjdjdjdjdjd.
  2. After years of watching Game Of Thrones (I only repressed the awful final season) I finally got to use “what would you have me do?” In a sentence today

    It was satisfying
  3. Ugh tonight has gotten erm awkward
  4. Why watch that
  5. If you’re going to sit on the platform at Embankment and yell your life story down the phone to someone, at least make it compelling to listen to. Loud AND boring ain’t it.
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  6. I'm broke so I'll probably spend the entire weekend inside.

  7. [​IMG]

    Please, come back Kathleen Bathleen.
  8. Hold on just a little tighter
    Come on, hold on, tell me if you're ready
    Come on (Come on, come on)
    Baby, keep on dancing
    Let's get physical
  9. I forgot my AirPods case at work and now I gotta hear all these people talk while I do grocery shopping.

    Now I can't pretend I don't hear them... I hope the store plays bops.
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  10. The worst possible weather is hitting Canarias and everything looks like we’re in Interstellar with all this dust.

    And yet I came to the beach

  11. Yikes! Which island do you live on? I was in Fuerteventura last week and it was great, coming back from there and trying to land during storm Dennis was not it.

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  12. ddd I’m in Fuerteventura now.

    You can’t tell where the dunes end and the sky begins.
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  13. Starting a new job where I sit in a chair in an office all day and having to adjust to a low energy environment

  14. RJF


    I don’t think this weather is going to abate until every single person in Scotland has SAD. Miss Winter really is going down SWINGING.
  15. Good afternoon girls

  16. This is up there with someone calling Roisin Murphy "Raisin" in Little Things That Made Me Giggle Uncontrollably for Five Minutes for Some Reason
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