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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Happy Future Nostalgia Day!

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  2. Sam


    you can fly away with me tonight
    you can fly away with me tonight
    baby let me take you for a ride


  3. I've been trying to find what this is actually called and if there's more for like two years and have had no luck but it bangs and I need to know someone plz HELP

  4. we’re all losing it
  5. I, too, love art
  6. meme artist nicki minaj
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  7. baby don't stop
    don't stop
    we're getting to the sweet spot
    sweet spot

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  8. Interesting because Aaron Renfree seems exactly the type to enjoy listening to his own music during sex dddd
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  9. The music is from a DVD by Ushijima Iiniku and in the credits there are urls to 3 different Japanese royalty-free music websites. I went through all of them and couldn't find the exact song and one is incredibly slow so I kinda gave up.

    The fact it's random royalty-free music is probably enough to answer your questions though.
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  10. In no way do I buy that someone who has a playlist with S Club Juniors on it wouldn't recognize one of them.

  11. Quarantining's started to make me go mad. I find myself saying "that'sa lotta burners!" like Francine whenever I'm cooking something.
  12. 'shagging hard' to S Club Juniors?

    I would hate to see it.
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  13. Any member of an early '00s pop band being a top though

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  14. Jo O'Meara.
  15. Me in like 2012

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  16. I managed to get a doc appointment after one week of scheduling struggles.

    Got a prescription for Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa xx

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  17. Wait... registration has been closed since July 2019??? We need some fresh meat girlies
  18. aux


    I spoke to Peter about this, refreshing moderators and the rules in February. This is what he said to say in regards to that part.

    "Over the last month I’ve been preparing a big change with the forum which has involved, firstly, rebuilding the forum on a brand new server with updated software which to be frank has been a nightmare but I’ve cracked it now and with that done am now able to focus on important things like moderation, updated rules, reopening memberships and so on."
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  19. why am I getting feverish flashbacks
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