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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. BTG


    The Rosalía thread sure is something.

  2. The Rosalia thread is very much like... it weren't no damn tanning oil. You mean to tell me back on Calvary Jesus shed his bronzer for my sins? If you've got tanning oil streaming down like that you should be ashamed of the extreme temperatures between your legs.
  3. Wait who got banned? nn
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  4. The way this still fucks me up after 20 years of radio play and memeification

  5. ddog for editing a user’s picture to make them more, erm I dunno how to put it, not white to make a point
  6. Hunger hurts, but starving works

  7. Being gay and in lockdown and both on forum.popjustice.com has been way more fun this past week. God bless our queens for finally doing what Dua did over a damn month ago.
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  8. I feel extra hateful today.
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  9. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I keep spending every day in a daze and coming to life at night and not being able to sleep. It's a pain.
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  10. gonna need a break from the internet when we’re done with this

    also these artists are not from my childhood and now I feel like dumbledore
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  11. If that take wasn't enough

  12. "Our childhood"

    I was TWENTY fuck OFF
  13. missing the club tonight

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  14. y'all better be streaming the song of the year

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  15. When no one loves you

    like they

    really mean it

    i got you covered

    under covers

    can you feel it?
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