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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Island

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    GUYS! Sandra Lee has been posting cooking videos and cocktail time videos on her facebook page!
  2. I lowkey miss the time when I was a teenager and being mostly oblivious to most of flaws and stupidity my faves were displaying nn it’s so... depressing just learning how many wrong things are there. It’s so hard to find someone to admire indeed.

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  5. The way these two cats are getting busy outside outside my window...

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  6. The way Scooter's B list roster has absolutely zero charisma.
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  7. rain on me

    rain rain
    rain on me

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  8. Would any of y'all rather be dry?
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. I'd rather be very droy
    But at least I'm nOt InTerEstEd OkuRRrRRRrR
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  11. 7 months to go <3
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  12. how i’m feeling now - Daisies - Love Not Loving You - Dedicated Side B - Rain On Me

    Whew what a week to be a bundle of sticks

  13. 200w (1).gif
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  14. Whew the quarantine depression is BACK for a long weekend reprise


  15. this account is keeping me entertained today.
  16. Used a gif of it in the alt pop girls rate and now I cannot stop thinking about Tara Palmer-Tomkinson’s iconic “5 Seconds”.

    The drama. The staging. The swelling, emotional instrumental. Your faves could never.
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  17. Island

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    R.I.P. Tara! She didn't deserve to go so soon.
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  18. Not a brand new Steps single (2020) leaking after being released early by iTunes/Apple Music China, followed by a flurry of concerns that the leak could... harm the campaign

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  19. I fucking love this show. Well the first two seasons I've seen, it deserves to be as well known as Golden Girls, and it never will be.
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  20. Just swinging by here to say that as much as I enjoy Rain On Me, @RJF is right once again. It’s enjoyable enough - but something seems off. (And I would rather post this here than be cannibalized in the Chromatica thread tee bee aich.)

    Like, how is it that Hallucinate is of the same track length and yet, sounds infinitely more expensive? Hallucinate just BREATHES in a way Rain On Me does not.
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