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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. The bug to it's self as it got flung out the window
  2. Why is everyone on twitter accusing Hilary Duff of being a sex trafficker???
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  3. Woke up with a quotification from @RJF braiding and then burning my snatched wig in the Carly thread

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  4. It's crazy how many people are excusing Hilary Duff but LipstickAlley already posted the tea. Unfortunately that photo IS real and part of a slideshow she uploaded on her IG back in March.
  5. Wait what
  6. Apparently she posted a picture of her son naked + taped to a bed and quickly deleted it. She hasn't said anything about it and Twitter is going crazy.
  7. There were also picture(s) that apparently features pedophilia symbology on them.
  8. Umm... I don’t know what to say
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  9. RJF


    All the talk of Tinychat in the Doja Cat thread is just reminding me of the mess that occurred on the forum through Tinychat years back. Time is wild.
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  10. 2020 feels like a mirror universe.
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  11. What the actual fuck.
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  12. Wait. Hilary Duff? Cindy Crawford? What is going on?
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  13. I just saw the photo on Twitter and it’s weird as fuck but also, like, I have no idea how it’d be relevant for child trafficking. Also the QAnon loons are all over it so I think this is just some Illuminati globalist child sex trafficking bullshit.
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  14. It’s just another pizzagate, except this time it’s Hilary Duff instead of Hillary Clinton.
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  15. It's def not real and the posts Lipstick Alley thread where this originates from barely make any sense but I never turn away from a messy Twitter moment.
  16. I just spent way too much money on LEGO.
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  17. Trying to recreate Rain On Me's video?

  18. Nah that would be more understandable but instead I got caught up on the discontinued Monster Fighters series tbqh Dddd.
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