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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Caroline Moolacheque cashing in
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  3. And? Don't leave us hanging
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  4. And @Jamie is Joe McElderry. I thought he made that clear.
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  5. Remembering 'Please' by Jessica Lois Ware exists again

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  6. ddd
    Scream they told me "not bad but not good enough". It was like a producer audition that was at Old Trafford in Manchester. The auditioning booths were like on the pitch or next to it so when you got rejected you came out right in front of EVERYONE sitting in the stands (literally thousands of people). I think I arrived at like 8am and it was 6:15pm before I was seen. I am cringing SO hard now remembering this. Plus I got a formal warning at work because they called me when I was there to ask if I was well enough to work on the Sunday (the next day) and I forgot I lied in the first place smh.

    I file these events under "character building experiences".

    Edit: I forgot this was my audition song. At 17 what the fuck was I thinking...
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  7. Sam


    maybe they fucking snapped
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  8. A gay I know for a fact is into pup play told me his childhood dog was eaten by a coyote

    makes u think
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  9. Who paying me compliments. I know i deserve them. Drop them into my inbox. Do that now

  10. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    fff my dad was at the same auditions and we all went as like a family day out. The stranglehold that show had on us....
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  11. I’m consistently hung over again these days, nature really is healing.

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  12. BTG


    I’m buying a pizza at Lidl.

  13. Me every day during the four years I lived in Birmingham:
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  14. My useless colleague had the audacity to ring the bell for assistance during my break
  15. Girls...I don’t know else to say this..........but..................Flo Milli shit
  16. Flo Milli shit bitch

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  17. Im thinking about the time i unknowingly messaged @Mushroom on Grindr for him to reply “hello @phloo” and shake my world for a hot minute. A legendary moment for the PJ historians

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  18. I find it a little frightening/exhilarating whenever Popjustice leaks into The Real World.
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