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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Why does Facebook put the add button so fucking prominently every time you hover over anything? I'm trying to stalk the people I went to high school with in PEACE, not get in touch with them.
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  2. Me tomorrow at my first day at my new job.

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  4. The server on this fine Monday morning

  5. The server working perfectly fine for me in the middle of nowhere.

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  6. Yeah it's absolutely fine for me, but I've heard others saying it isn't working at all.

    Must be... discouraging for some.

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  7. The forum is actually working faster than ever for me?


    Popjustice ha region specific local era.
  8. It’s working from mobile but not desktop
  9. RJF


    Others having issues getting on the forum?


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  10. Does anyone else fancy a metaphorical gin and juice?
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  11. upload_2021-5-17_13-32-46.png

    OK work now it works! But not on desktop.

    But y'all still using crappy twitter links or imgur without removing the s in https? I can't be bothered to change my holy uBlock settings so do it please.

  12. You wanna hang with the boys tonight?
    Me waiting right here for you?
    You wanna know how I feel? Here’s the answer.

    What’s good 4 the goose is good 4 the gander.

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  13. Watching episodes of Extreme Couponing and all I can think is "Susan, the last thing your ass needs is 400 bottles of soda, go home"
    The way the vast majority of these nutters hoard the stuff they buy rather than donate it.
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  14. Please keep your hands to yourself
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  15. This was four offers ago because the market is hell but last night we finally secured a house within city limits and didn't have to jump to the highest end of our budget to get it.

    Midwest hunties occasionally win!

  16. Me on social media
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  17. Me failing to access popjustice all morning.

    Still not working on my phone.
    Somebody do something!
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  18. And it is working on my phone but not on desktop here. The plot thickens.
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  19. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    I hate my job

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