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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Making OPRAH DOLLAZ
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  2. The thumbnail will never not be funny
  3. Giving me all the huffing and puffing of

  4. @rdp it took me 45 years to read all of that but it was absolutely worth it
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  5. My team leader taking jabs at Xtina on the 11th anniversary of Bionic. NOT ON MY WATCH.

  6. Gonna run for President and my only policy position is that ticket companies have to pay you interest if the concert gets delayed indefinitely but they still hold your money

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  7. Make Gaga Stans Rich Again?

  8. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    P O P


    M U S I C





    IS NOW






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  9. Obsessed that while half the internet has gone down PJ is still thriving
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  10. Lorde's impact. Only PJ could handle the solar radiation.
  11. Did Lorde's taint break it? Solar POWER indeed!

    Edit: damn - received a phone call while I was typing and @soratami got in before me!
  12. Surviving this Tuesday solely because of Mariah Carey's The Distance.
  13. A particular strong breeze hitting all the other servers at the same time. I like to thank Ava Max's planned single not being online to keep us up.
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  14. When the Hens contact their service provider, and they say it may take

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  15. Okay, I'm not sure where to share this but I really want to because I'm very proud. My best friend has had a wild TikTok journey over the past two days. Somebody shared one of her singing videos of an original song she wrote (posted on an app called Voicey) and it gained a lot of traction completely overnight. When she found out she stitched it and has gone from 330 followers to almost 3450 in the space of 24 hours. She shared another song on her account which has blown up as well.

    This is the song she posted herself, which is a tribute to her grandfather who passed away a few years ago. I hope some of you like it and if you want, follow her!!

  16. I thought this was about the vaccine.

  17. Thank you for informing us of this, you are doing the lords work.
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  18. Today, I nearly passed out at my PT session because I over did it and I’ve just had four lots of bloods taken and nearly passed out again because I’m afraid of needles.
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  19. Victorian Housewife Summer...
    Time to go and live in some lovely drafty and cool rooms overlooking the sea to recuperate.
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