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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. shdhjdndndjjdjwkkaks
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  2. Dead
  3. How dare you, mon frère?

  4. She may take about 50 years between albums but when she delivers songs like this, it doesn't even matter.

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  5. Mr.Arroz

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    My condolences
  6. hands on my knees shaking ass on my random thoughts shit
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  7. I have a friend who enjoyed the stage show and thought the movie was garbage. I’ve never seen either, but I’m wondering if that’s a common opinion.
  8. It’s not ddd.

    I’ve read a few criticisms about the film in regards to colorism which I can’t disagree with, but as a film and a movie adaptation of the musical, it improves the original book in almost every way, and as a filmed movie musical, it was pretty perfect. I used to love the show (the original cast recording is amazing) but when I saw it on Bway the cast was not great, but the film was really well done. Makes me excited for John Chu’s take on Wicked.
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  9. My room letting his 3 friends use our shower after a day at the beach, leaving me with ice cold water—I was not READY!!!

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  10. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    There's even more, but as someone who lived in the Heights for a year and a half (and was there during a bunch of their filming on my old block near 177th/175th A train station) and just returned, like, this neighborhood is incredibly Dominican, and especially incredibly Black Dominican. Yes, there are Puerto Ricans here and gentrification has changed it to a degree since my departure to deep in the Bronx, but to deny how ridiculously Black Dominicans are with a Brooklyn-born Puerto Rican-American lead to depict the immense culture that is present here? The heart of Washington Heights is literally called Little Dominican Republic.

    If you visit here, the level of Blackness is overwhelming. Coming back here was necessary because despite being Afro-Boricua, Black Dominicans are some of the first time I got to live around people that look and sound like me that weren't my Ohio family. So this film that essentially upholds white imperialism, anti-Blackness, and the propagation that Latinxs are a unified front that all completely look brownish~ (we're not) and completely misrepresents the actual culture present there. And the funniest bit? Linn is white-passing and grew up in Inwood, the neighborhood directly above the Heights, past Dyckman St.

  11. our band's in this video too tho




    put on ur best clothes...

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  12. Yes.
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  13. It's the Nelly Furtado stanning somber hour.

  14. David Archuleta coming out as maybe bisexual, maybe asexual, definitely not straight… yas happy Pride month. ❤️
  15. As someone who’s wildly non religious, I actually found his post really sweet and charming and sincere, about his own journey with accepting his queerness and reconciling that with his religion over the years in a positive way. Good for him. Happy for him!
  16. Honestly same as an ex-mormon ddd. Hopefully one day he realizes he’ll be happier outside it. But it’s a nice lil sign of progress to see such a golden boy go “sexuality can be really hard to figure out and I don’t know how to label myself.”
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  17. Hey gays,

    Did you know uhh

    Champagne, wine, tequila, margarita, mojito with lime, sweet mimosa, piña colada.

  18. Oh to be frolicking at a green screen beach with a glass of Listerine in hand and not a care in the world.
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