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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. My dad entered hospice care a couple of weeks ago. I completely forgot that tomorrow is Father's Day. Luckily, his early onset dementia means he forgot as well.

    Sorry, my dad and I both lean into the gallows humor these days. Sidebar... I challenge any right winger or centrist who claims we don't require comprehensive healthcare reform to come talk to me after they've navigated hospice care for a loved one. And I say that as someone who is fortunate enough to be able to afford a part-time health aide. Without her, I'd probably had to have quit my job, rather than just take [unpaid] family medical leave.
  2. Neneh Cherry opening Instagram for her biannual visit between the Guardian and 6music apps:
  3. Me: *goes to the beach*

    The lizards:

  4. The way OnlyFans has turned into a fully oversaturated market for gays seemingly. Like the sheer number of people’s who seem to be constantly on offer. And I get money can be made from like heavily pushing custom vids but something ain’t adding up. (Not to judge anyone who does it I’m just…confused at the sheer number of people who appear to be heavily faking it till they make it)

    MLM’s found quaking.
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  6. Happy Birthday Hen, hope you get a large moist slice of
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  7. Walking into Little Caesar's for a $5 Hot n' Ready.

  8. [​IMG]me, omw to steal male Karmin off female Karmin
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  9. I definitely get MLM vibes from the “thanks OF for my new toaster” posts.

  10. This would sound perfectly trendy if it came out today
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  12. Not y'all getting old too.
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  13. Onlyfans kinda ruined the gay amateur porn racket. Now it’s just people offering you a One time only ‘3.95 OnlyFans rate’ after last months one time only ‘3.99 OnlyFans rate’ with smiley stickers over their junk which I find.....oddly an unsettling sight.

    No way any but a handful make more a hundred or two a month.

    (If I was a pretty gay, I probably would give it a spin to be fair.)
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  14. Been re-watching the Lord of the Rings movies and the duo of Merry and Eowyn is God levels of iconic.


    Best two characters of the series.
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  15. Respect to the old community but it ain’t me
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  16. You get me
    Something in your eyes
    I'm willing and I'm ready
    To set my heart on fire
    You get me
    You get me
    You make me feel like ooh-ha-ha-ha-ha

    This one was maybe a bit too easy dd
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  17. BTG


    Christ I’m drunk.

  18. Stevie Nicks realizing she's been afraid of changin'
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  19. RJF


    oh no
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