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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. would the cinematic mastermind behind… uh, Wonder Woman 1984……. Lie??
  2. One could say the complete lack of cultural impact it had proves her point!!!!
  3. Ms. Pattricia just wants the sort of cultural reset the other girls have.

  4. She does have a point
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  5. I’m still angry she closed that road for a whole ass month and I couldn’t get to my favourite beach and then it was just 5 min on screen fffffff
  6. The new basic Jason Derulo song kinda slaps
  7. The way she rolled on the ground would've caused those kids at least a severe head trauma..
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  8. good
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  9. New ABBA, Little Mix, Chromatica remixes… This Spotify gay ate well this morning.

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  10. Im in Scotland

    why is London so fucking ugly as a city nn
  11. The direspect of using a Charli gif put not putting her on that list as well.
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  12. Isn't this a tautology?
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  13. There's an unspoken overlap between gays who are so eager to let us all know at least once a day that OUT OUT by Madame XCX is "GP trash, an abomination, a shame" and the avid posters in Comeback Corner and the ABBA thread.
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  14. Currently having an existential crisis and questioning why I'm never good enough, all because my Uber rating has fallen from 4.95 to 4.88.

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  15. Because they're not meant to count as official music videos, just placeholder screensavers so the kids have something to look at while browsing Youtube, hence the differentiation.
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  16. The buzz single of the music video world.
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  17. Nowadays people just want to put out a bunch of quick lil Netflix movies, nobody makes... blockbusters.

  18. We can't let IDF soldier and "Imagine" crooner Gal Gadot off this easy!
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  19. Take it back!!!!
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  20. It’s a little less ugly now you’ve left xx
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