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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. It wasn’t until someone posted the HQ photo of just Victoria (like a year ago) that I realized the same.
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  2. I’ve just scrubbed husbands white work shirt cuffs and collars with a bar of laundry soap. Sometimes it’s the old methods that work. I feel like some sort of 1940’s housewife scrubbing away. It was really quick and worked really well too.

    it got me thinking about much I hate those cleaning bloggers, like Mrs. Hinch and the like with their ridiculous “hacks”. They’re making so much money from milking other peoples insecurities and presenting an ideal that people can never live up to. Newsflash…cleaning is really easy and doesn’t take a million different products and stinky chemicals to do. I recently saw one of this awful bloggers on Instagram recommending putting white vinegar in the washing machine along with detergent - hellooooo acid and alkaline mixing? Pointless as the detergent and vinegar cancel eachother out. Basic GCSE science here.

    Maybe I should start my own cleaning blog. A no-nonsense cleaning blog.
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  3. I don't cook, I don't clean, but let me tell you I got this ring
  4. It's finally time to detonate the vest
  5. So who's second account is that?
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  6. Yes please! I've never had so many cleaning products but also find myself living with so much low-key, general grot.

    Also, are handymans a thing? I have a (sink) plug, a weird snappy-hinge thing and a broke chair which all need tending to. I feel like if I called in separate people for all three things I'd be a thousand dollars in a hole, which seems like... a lot for something I've literally been ignoring for the better part of 12 months. Also they all seem quite minimal but I have absolutely no idea where to make a start on any of them.

  7. MusicBrainz... geez. I thought people on Discogs were assholes.
  8. Is it weird that I can also hear the crowd chant “SpongeBob SquarePants” like in the theme song?
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  9. I've been to hell and back
    Golden Hour faded black
    Say that it ain't coming back
    Ain't coming back...
    But you're gonna feel me
    You're gonna feel me
    You're gonna feel me
    When I'm done, when I'm done
    What doesn't kill me
    What doesn't kill me
    What doesn't kill me
    Better run, better run

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  10. My boss just threatened me with a disciplinary for my absences. Little does she know I’m simultaneously conjuring a story for when my wifi ‘crashes’ on Friday
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  11. I've worked really hard this morning, so it's time to do some competitive analysis while playing literally anything that's not close to work related games for the rest of the day.

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  12. This cheesy ass bop. That camp as hell spoken section
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  13. I just discovered this kewl game where you can play as Jesy Nelson.

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  14. I was just scrolling thru a thread and all of a sudden the Miley “IM BACK MOTHERFUCKERS” meme video starts blasting at full volume in my earphones like wtf I didn’t even click play. Someone at google needs to fix this.
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  15. [​IMG]
  16. If I was an artist I'd perform the Ebony Jenkins PC Music Remix for my Radio 1 Live Lounge cover.
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  17. Overheard one girl loudly telling her friend about how her boyfriend's ex is a "psycho" (as if she's not the one who stole the ex's Snapchat account ddd), and my first thought was "girl on girl hate - you hate to see it"; my second was:
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