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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

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    Me booking Rebecca Hilliam tickets in early 2020 not knowing it’d end up being postponed an entire year and just so happen to land on a day when I have two enormous zits

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  2. So girls, I need to vent and I need my fellow ciggies to tell my anxiety-ridden ass that everything’s going to be okay ddd.

    No calls yet. Turns out some neighborhood auntie screenshot one of the two notices that had been put up and taken down at my request, which made me have a colossal meltdown. As far as I could gather from her poor writing skills, she tried to put it up on other sites but they were asking her to provide a phone number, which I never shared anywhere (except at physical spots), so she couldn’t do it. Now that one is down as well, because I asked a friend to message this Karen telling her that a home had already been found (I didn’t want to give my identity away, but I’ve been lurking). I have checked a ton of local websites and no one has shared it any further or posted about losing him in at least a week, as far as I’m aware. So… yeah. Again, very weird that I haven’t heard anything when the notices were up for two whole days each on specialized and neighborhood sites. I’m even scared of taking him to his washing and trimming appointment in case someone recognizes him there, or he does. Please rail me back to sanity!

    The way everyone around me keeps telling me to chill and think straight but I can’t help thinking of each and every catastrophic circumstance that could happen where they take him from me, even though I’ve been reminded time and time again that he’s unclaimable ddd.
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  3. I hate when I look up an artist subreddit expecting lighthearted music discussion and instead greeted with post after post of lecherous crap, I'm so grossed out.

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  4. A hustle! A con!
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  5. Their hearts won't Beat Again for them
  6. If you start writing a DM here and it saves as draft.. how do you get it back?
  7. If what you wrote doesn't show up in the text entry box in the PM, I'm pretty sure it's gone.
  8. Help
  9. The JLS/The Wanted reunions being announced around the same time the Pussycat Dolls one went down the drain is one of the most homophobic things to have happened this year.
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  10. The Steps one will be exactly like that Josh.
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  11. Ok but Keke made several points though? When will the GP stop sleeping on sis like a mattress?

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  13. The geepee has finally caught up with our Nelly Furtado Weekly Stanning Hour™, as I keep hearing this on the radio.

    It's not a Loose track, but those will inevitably follow.
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  14. I read about this controversy~ over a young boy wearing a dress and makeup in the new John Lewis ad and thought he was about to serve the Bootylicious choreography

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  15. Carlton Hive let's assemble!

    And he's so funny in his bright red shirt
    We were all in love, and we all got hurt
  16. Skksksksjdj wait a Big Hoops sampling dance banger hit #9 on the UK charts this year and I didn’t know about it??

    nelly RIGHTS

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  17. you should call your little brother
    tell him to be good
    tell him that you really love him
    you don't, but you should


  18. Built a poem, we kept a rhyme
    Wrapped our love in golden twine
    And we wrote, we wrote a legacy
    Just you and me
    Just you and me

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