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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. I often think about how Lady Gaga snuck 'fuck her face' into the Poker Face lyrics and that... no one I have ever met in person hears it but I always do. Help me. It haunts me.
  2. [​IMG]

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  3. K94


    Finally unfollowed The Shade Room

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  4. Today officially marks two years of me being sober. So proud of myself!
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  5. The cig in head office was feeling his oats when he added this sulty classic to the playlist


  6. The big note at the end.
  7. My neighbors when I attempt to hit it.


  8. I mean, win, and congratulations, but let's let this momentous occasion to finally get this song to chart on the Hot 100 14 years after prematurely stalling at #93.
  9. Not drama permeating the Introductions subforum... No subforum is safe ddd.
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  10. RJF


    Do y'all ever get tired of my amazing posts or
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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. RJF


    Matt Lucas honestly looking like someone dressed up their toe for a laugh. GO AWAY.
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  13. I support this! I kid you not, first thing I did this morning was listen to Sober! One of the greatest songs of all time? I think so!
  14. Why do I have to attend a WEDDING on Halloween?

    The straights are not OK.
  15. RJF


    NOT me thinking this had got deleted in the Bake Off thread and demanding whoever reported it to die.
  16. Feeling very Kirsten Dunst sitting next to Lars Von Trier about this passage.
  17. know what youre thinking

    glenn close but no cigar
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  18. Does anyone else feel like a private girl in a public world :(
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