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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. I'm feeling yummy head to toe.

  2. me leaving communism when i can't order seven pieces of jewelry from ssense at 4 am in a hallucinatory daze so i can try it on once and immediately print a return label

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  3. Sam


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  4. TAMTA?!


  5. I love us <3
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  6. It's my birthday and I got a tiara.
    My brother managed to forget it though. My mum gave him a lashing and his excuse is he has no money to waste on useless gifts.
    Meanwhile he's booked his second holiday in as many months.
    Still, does he have a tiara? No.
  7. Just realized that it will take Sky Ferreira to break the ABBA record of 40 years between studio albums. Can we say at least we have a date for Masochism now?
  8. Just wanted to pop in to say to all my fellow upper midwest PJers that are in the path of the storm tonight, stay safe! Do not attempt a windswept photo op outside, stick with a box fan while you have power so you don’t get knocked out by a tree limb!
  9. The mods while going on a rampage in the Comeback Coroner/Kylie thread

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  10. If there was any justice in the world this wouldn't have got such a shite video and would have been number one for months across the globe
  11. tea


    I have a 7 page essay due in 2 hours and 0 motivation

  12. Bought 50 dollars worth of ingredients to make a cocktail i've never had before and I'm not really feeling her

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  13. Liza Minnelli <3
  14. Underrated Christmas Moment

  15. Welcome to the world, Drop Dead Beautiful (feat. Sabi) <3
  16. Baby one more time for your second child <3
  17. Big Fat Bass pick your SHIT up off the floor
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