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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]
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  3. Depp v. Heard shit finally gonna be out of the news praise god
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  4. There's nothing to praise when this will be the start of a major Me Too backlash. I want to be sick
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  5. R92


    The verdict is disgusting and horrifying. The precedent this sets for survivors of abuse speaking out is genuinely chilling, and seeing someone (and society at large) be rewarded for publically humiliating a victim that isn't perfect enough is just... wow.
  6. The fact the jurors weren't isolated for the duration gives good grounds for appeal but also HOW THE FUCK WERE THEY NOT ISOLATED
  7. The legal system never looks out for victims but if this verdict stands, the Me Too movement is officially over. Successfully running a smear campaign against your victim and suing them for defamation is the new standard. Disgusting.
  8. True Crime poisoned so many people into thinking they're Elle Woods
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  9. The edgelords are about to be insufferable on social media.
  10. I thought we were having a reckoning with that when the Gabby Petito case happened. I don’t think people realize the extent that particular subculture played in all this. This was like the worst of every part of the internet came together.
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  11. I'm convinced patriarchy is like...an addiction? Like every step forward seems to be met with a crashing return to harrowing lows because society can't resist the lure of a power structure built to stand for generations. Edgelord incels are one thing but the sheer numbers of women lining up to defend a man who has little more than his own staff and some shitty pirate movies to back him up is utterly mortifying
  12. 212 would save me from Vecna’s curse…
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  13. The barber today told me I give off dad energy, and I don't think it was meant in the hot way.[​IMG]
  14. Roe vs. Wade getting repealed. Heard vs. Depp. Police sealing children inside of a death chamber.

    Humanity was a mistake.
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  15. Happy pride month kids
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  16. I was SO obsessed with this song and I really wanted to buy her album but couldn‘t find it anywhere! This was before streaming and international orders were hard.

    Found it about a year later in some random shop in Barcelona finally on a vacation.


    The album was shit.

  17. I don't think MeToo is over but this will definitely have a chilling effect and further ingrain misogyny and patriarchy, at least temporarily. It's an ongoing struggle.

    In any event, I can't believe the case even went forward to begin with. The entire premise was to humiliate her and vindicate him, despite, as far as I can tell, both of them being assholes. Also, I'm sorry, but the worst are the pick me women who've been showing their asses big time over the trial. Weirdos.

  18. Why are the women supporting him worse than the men, when they've all had the same conditioning from the mainstream media?
    They're all the same level of Bastards in my books
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  19. Marilyn Manson is probably on the phone practicing with his attorneys as we speak BARF
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