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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Laura VanderTOOTen
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  2. And the Jesy tan
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  3. Voters can't live on overdone soap opera quotes and Saturdays Megamix references alone
  4. Not this
  5. When I tell you I rushed to my phone.
  6. I hope @RJF is enjoying Xenogay

  7. What’s @RJF ’s instagram
  8. Not this being the closest we have to a visual for the song.
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  9. ~I am a lover of cinema~
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  10. I'd get an inster account but like, honestly, what's even thee brand, you know? Do I, a collection of nerve impulses running through a meat circuit, really want to gaze deep into my own reflection and attribute a hashtag to my soul? Am I a bookstagrammer? A thirst trap? Do I take askew photographs of industrial buildings and rotate them for poignance? Do I overthink the whole thing needlessly, paralysing myself in a stair-maze of self-recriminations? Someone in real life once recommended it to me for getting laid... like, awlright. Yeah. With this iphone camera? Laid to rest maybe. I should never have come off my meds.
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  11. I am currently sitting through a boring professional development and this post is doing a lot for me and my situation.
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  12. The fact people pay for sponsored posts...
  13. My mother just forced me to watch a pop-classical cover of a Queen song, asking me my thoughts. Despite it not being my thing, I withheld criticism, and tried sincerely to give several compliments to it—to which she took the opportunity to call me joyless.

    Now ma'am, accuracy of the read aside, you're the one fighting in The War on Tenors, so clearly the joylessness runs a little both ways〜

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  14. I think Rashida is living her best life

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  16. This makes me think of when a friend of mine said "finally heard a version of Teenage Dream I like" and pulled out the Glee cover.

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  17. look at that big ass, look at that big juicy booty
  18. you discovering the existence of steam

  19. Inland Empire

    Inland Empire Staff Member

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