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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Gay flashback to the time she performed this on American Idol and I got my entire life to it. It still goes off.
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  3. Bros still looks terrible. I do not trust that Rotten Tomatoes score.
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  4. Hello, here is @Jwentz's obituary for those interested along with information regarding charities the family have chosen in his honor.

    Thank you all to everyone who has said kind words and reached out. At this point I cannot take much more sincerity so if you are looking to honor Johnny today, bully a theater kid or swiftie, or listen to The Talking Heads.
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  5. GIVE ME YOUR LUNCH MONEY @sexercise!!!!
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  6. Remind me again of the perks of living in Florida
  7. LTG


  8. More figure than an EIGHT

  9. Just a test, sure.

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  10. That's it
  11. Folsom was this weekend, which means I just saw Damian Dragon at the grocery and Boomer Banks in the gym bathroom. Wig.
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  12. It was my first time and I think I'm still in disbelief at a few things I saw out in the open on the street dd.
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  13. Renaissance followed by some Donna Summer on good headphones has cured my Monday
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  14. Three threads pinned at the top of Pop & Justice... someone, please, the aesthetics!
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  15. Most of her stuff is terrible but the best single of 2016 really was

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  16. Sometimes the Internet makes me laugh
  17. Well we all survived, let's celebrate that
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  18. That reminds me I literally dreamt of Ms Trainor last night. We went out shopping at the mall with her kids (Wikipedia tells me she only actually has one kid and it's still a baby, but anyway), I had dinner at her place with her family and slept over in the guest room... really living that soccer mom BFF fantasy dd

  19. So you basically dreamt you were Chris Olsen then? Their friendship is lowkey iconic.
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