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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. I’m using my noise cancellation headphones to block out the demons with Fiona Apple (which may mean the demons already won)
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  2. I just deactivated all my socials because people are stressing me out

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  3. Me at 8 years old watching the Baby One More Time video on MTV
  4. Me trying to grapple with my mortality now I'm working with people born after 2002:

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  5. Awesome pile on guys. Great thing to return to after a day sitting with my husband while he receives chemo treatment. And I'm meant to be the hateful one? I'm pretty sure I haven't broken any forum rules, I've never been anything but respectful and polite to all users on this forum, but go on, ban me @mods. This is horrid, nasty energy to be around and I won't be wanting to come back anyway.
  6. Did everyone try the chicken
  7. The lack of accountability
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  8. According to this quiz you apparently found the time to take today (edit, that youve now hidden, but not quick enough sadly), I'd say so?

    Also, using something like cancer (that you knew nobody here knew) to deflect criticism is truly grotesque. Not to mind being a trans exclusionist that is complaining about feeling unwelcome somewhere, make it make sense!

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  9. I recommend anyone who struggles to use an individuals pronouns to do some research on sex and gender, it's actually really fascinating stuff and it'll make you think twice about sprouting off about people with differing identities to your own.

    I've always respected people's pronouns but I realised a few years ago I could be more informed so I did a unit on it at uni. Whilst one unit obviously doesn't make me an expert dd it's honestly so interesting and in some aspects quite heartbreaking. I'll always respect anyones identity, as we all should.

    (If I ever do use the wrong pronouns on here, please correct me by the way)
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  10. Who would even take this quiz, but then who in the buttfuck would SHARE THAT RESULT??

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  11. I can't see that tweet, what it is?
  12. It was a screenshot of a quiz he had taken to see what percentage transphobic he was.
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  13. @citoig copied it into the attachment of the post above
  14. This is absolutely vile. To come on here and try to guilt everyone rather than apologise or even attempt to explain yourself is incredible. Openly bragging on your social media about how hateful you are as well, psychotic behaviour.

    Good riddance to them never coming back here.
  15. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Well if you ask for it!

    I have permanently banned Q4music. He has been on my radar for some time now. We have trans members here and it is imperative to keep this is safe space.
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  16. Great to see such swift action was taken to remove such a nasty person from this space.
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  17. Bigots are always so dumb, I swear to god.
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  18. [​IMG]
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