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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. The local Chinese restaurant is playing bops - I’m Good (Blue), Willow, Hold Me Closer, and Break My Soul so far.

    I will be coming back!
  2. I'm gonna take Unwritten, Only Girl (In the World), Good Time, Pocketful of Sunshine and What A Girl Wants playing on my first day at work a good sign.
    EDIT: Also Style, Never Really Over and Lights back to back, holy shit. Tugged my wig a bit.
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  3. Ugly on the inside and the outside. That's what transphobia does to you, girls!!
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  4. my boss gave me four tickets to Carly next weekend.....I love my job.....

    I watched his kids while he and his wife went to Chromatica Ball, honestly a fair trade (I went to another date so figured it was fine) karma!!!!
  5. We had to write letters to ourselves back in May 2012 before high school graduation for a time capsule that was just opened at the reunion (which I skipped), so someone mailed it to me and I wrote down:

    You like: Gaga, Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Kesha
    You last listened to: Primadonna by Marina and the Diamonds
    You are: Gay, obviously

    I guess not much has changed!
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  6. It saddens, sickens and frankly scares me how some people out there can wilfully and happily be ignorant and antagonistic towards other people within our own community that is still marginalised and hated.
    When I came out here, the love and safety I felt from members here gave me such a boost in a way that I wish was felt in other areas online and in my real life.
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  7. Queers who hate trans people are class traitors, quite frankly. Bitter and busted and have fooled themselves into a superiority complex. The straights won’t like you more, precious.
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  8. I'll add to praising the mods... the main reason I don't really go to "safe spaces" such as gay bars anymore is because of people within the community judging other people in that same community ("no fats, no fems" energy, etc)... don't we have enough of that in real life?!

    I only logged back in here in 2020 to get a link for a song (sorry fff) but it's honestly become a place I love communicating in and a safe space for me to talk to others. I love this little community where I can come and discuss things like a pop album from 2003 that nobody else remembers, and I'm so glad that the mods are on top of any bigots that try to ruin the experience.
  9. Did anyone else report several of their tweets?

    I thought reporting several of their tweets was lovely.
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  10. pdf


    This forum in incredibly frustrating at times, people are so quick to attack, everything is a 'take' and there's little in the way of decency & respect. I guess this true of most online discourse, but PJ used to be a fun place to come to discover and chat about pop music, now you really have to take a deep breath before reading, let alone commenting.
  11. The forum still is a fun place to do all that stuff. People just have (rightly) less tolerance for bullshit right now and if you're going to post something that's misogynistic, racist, transphobic etc people aren't going to stand by and let it happen which is what happened a few pages ago on here.
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  12. kal


    I assume this is about me, and this brief interaction in the Sam Smith thread:
    Like, I'm sorry if that came across disrespectful, but it absolutely was a shit take. The vast, vast majority of the reactions were indeed about the song, and not about the people involved in recording & releasing it.

    If you felt like you could refute this, you could have done so in the thread itself. But instead, you came here & painted the forum with broad strokes again, without having any substance to back yourself up.
  13. pdf


    Hmmm no, it was very much not about you. I didn't respond to you as I didn't want to get into a back-and-forth. Specifically it was about the nonsense going on in the Kylie thread. It just really depresses me.
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  14. Apparently you miss a lot when retail leaves you too exhausted to catch up on this thread. Wilder whirlwind than the hurricanes.
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. LTG


    Imagine waking up in the morning to investigate a cartoon alien mascot’s genitals and still having the gall to say it’s the people who respect trans people/are trans are the ones in a cult…
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  17. The fact she’s still going on about it this morning
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  18. Gosh if Ugly Heart wasn't such a massive all out fucking banger,
    I'd gladly label Maya Forstater as having one.
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  19. Me catching up on the thread after the last few days…


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