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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Tonight's mood is getting creeped out by the fact that there are commercials clearly pandering for us now and we're not in the "cool" demographic anymore.
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  2. They were playing a deep cut from Carly's latest album in a supermarket yesterday evening here in Berlin. Said deep cut? Anxious!!! The taste!
  3. Drop Dead Gorgeous, Veronica's Closet, Lookin Who's Talking, Cheers! She was so good in so many things, but yes her opinions were trash in recent years. It's sad still, she was a big part of my youth.
  4. They don't make them like that anymore.
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  5. This is too amazing.
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  6. Corporate America is wild.
  7. The vindication!!!
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  8. her best single i think we should have that conversation

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  9. oh actually also the serve


    the way Avril's legacy hinges basically on all her iconic moments being novelty-ass songs (minus I'm With You) instead of her...... multiple at least moments of brilliance....thats sad huh
  10. this gif not working and me just now realizing

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  11. Talent praising talent!

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  12. I went to Miss Patti’s concert on Friday night and she - despite selling merch that described it as the “Where Are My Background Singers?” Tour - did not, in fact, sing “This Christmas.” Devastating!

    Also there was a flourish at one point that made it seem as though the show was over, and people started fleeing the theater, but then the music to “Lady Marmalade” kicked in - yet very few people turned back. Who the hell goes to a Patti Labelle concert and leaves DURING “Lady Marmalade”?! Traffic can’t possibly be that bad.
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  14. Potential new man sent me a video of someone doing terrible Taylor karaoke at a bar and said "thinking of you"
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  15. Only clowns would play with those ballooons....
    What'd you wanna look like Barbie for?

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  16. Not me hearing Dear Future Husband more than Christmas songs so far this December?
  17. I may look okay but I just really need Footballers' Wives on streaming
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  18. really?
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