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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Can relate to "Sine From Above" because I have chronic sinusitis.

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  2. • Me looking at these pine-cone shaped chocolates and debating whether or not their 100-some calories per serving will spark joy.


    • Me realizing that 90% of the people in my life are terrible communicators. And that the end result of conversations is their anger, no matter when I take them at face value or press for more clarification.


    • "Is Britney shading Selena? Here's a dissertation."


    • RedOne. Sugababes.

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  3. Can't relate to The Edge Of Glory because I'm in the middle of shame.
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  4. Where is that post where someone said Alicia Keys always sings like she's off key because it haunts me every day and this performance has brought it to the front of my mind

  5. Oh wow, looking forward to this!
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  6. BTG


    The transparent attempts at creating forum brands is hitting rock bottom I see.

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  7. I don't think people actually do that, do they?


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  8. Gosh, this was a fucking moment.
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  9. When the forum finds out my grandma never really had goats

  10. I saw Austin Butler on Broadway in 2018 in The Iceman Cometh. Is there any joke to be had there? Hmm no don't think there is
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  11. *kiely williams voice*
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  12. Grimes letting X Æ A-12 know that the ice cream truck is around the corner:
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  13. MSAJKhsdjk why does he still sound like he's doing Elvis?
  14. That role broke him.
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  15. Is the French National Anthem NOT this?
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  16. It’s still Moi Lolita soz
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  18. It's still Désenchantée, soz
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