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Opening titles just hit different back then.

However, only the true icons had their shows live long enough to absolutely fucking destroy their titles with nasty late 90s/early 00s glamour revamps.




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I don’t know who was doing the backing vocals at the end of the Tia and Tamera version of their theme song but it was certainly neither Tia nor Tamera.

Mary J did feel the earth move this day though. She did.

Jackée Harry was a gay awakening.
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I was in class earlier presenting the activities I designed for Spanish language learners when I pressed play on an audio where the voice of a character named "Mariela" was supposed to come through, only for my tall bear deep voice to reverberate around the room because my female partner hadn't had time to record herself so I had to do it.

The professor was like, "isn't that supposed to be a female voice?". I said "It's me".

We had a good laugh!

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