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I can't ever listen to this song anymore without thinking of

One for the history books!!
There are people coming to my birthday party this weekend, asking for non-alcoholic beverages... I mean? What's the fun in that?
Is it too late to cancel their invitations?

I'm not gonna buy soda or stuff like that. That's the devil.
I'm sure you know these people better than I do, but as someone who's close friend has been sober for two months, I only recently found out because I was doing Dry January.

You never know who's struggling with substance use just fyi, even people close to you.
The line buses in my city have screens inside where they show assorted content, and they also do quizzes. Today they asked "Where was singer Dua Lipa born?", and they highlighted Rio de Janeiro as the correct answer even though London and Kosovo were the other two options.