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ff what's the Telephone Ireland one?
he/him/basic cishomo
It doesn't help that I'm kind of dumb with tech. Even if I can find the GIF I wanna use, sometimes I can't seem to post it properly no matter what I do.
I'm too scared to ask like... how do you put a picture in your post at all? Like, even if you have an arsenal of GIFs, it wants a URL and last time I tried using Flickr and I ended up losing an hour.
I wish I had the same confidence in my artistic abilities as my Mum did, I'd be unstoppable. I also wish the courier service delivering the set of markers she so kindly bought me didn't have a reputation for being shit (losing items, damaging them etc).
I was very surprised about these throuple rumors of Rita Ora with Taika Watiti and Tessa Thompson, but saw that she denied it.
Delighted that Austin Butler got that nomination, he was so good in the film and seems so dedicated to the role, can’t believe how far he’s come from being a pretty face on The Carrie Diaries.