Random Thoughts

This is very niche but I just found out Nairobi from La Casa de Papel is a nepo baby and I'm shook.

I just watched Zara Larsson's insightful video regarding cinema etiquette and can confirm she's absolutely incorrect

I went to see House of Gucci with a friend who felt the need to discuss the plot whilst I was trying to watch and then she would ask me what was happening because she was missing bits

I respectfully told her after the movie to "please shut the fuck up and watch the film next time we go to the cinema"

We haven't been since.
If you’re gonna be a forum menace I’m gonna need better content than “Beyoncé is overrated” because that dead horse turned into glue years ago. We need more “Taylor Swift invented songwriting. Before that, pop singers were just shouting out words that didn’t make sense”. A truly mind-bogglingly insane take that only someone with no avatar & 2 posts from 2013 can deliver.