Random Thoughts

I got a graduate job


Which means I move to London in a few months
Ah congratulations love! I hope you enjoy London!
Me and half my co-workers being ready to up and quit our jobs because we're all fed up with management, specifically the apparent Karen we have as a company owner who seems to overreact with the nuclear button over anything

Someone I used to be really close friends with died unexpectedly today.

I hadn’t seen them much since the pandemic hit but I’m still totally spun by it. We used to go out clubbing all the time and he was the life of every party. There was no room he couldn’t inject chaos and energy into. He was such a lovely and kind person too, he was always there when you needed him.

He also had just the most awful taste in pop music. Which he loved to taunt me with. He had basically no shame. His pre-drinks playlists were always populated exclusively with Shawn Mendes deep cuts and One Direction album filler. Insufferable. One time after coming home from the club riddled with ecstasy we ended up banging in his room (classy, I know) and halfway through I realised that he had a life sized cut-out of Shawn Mendes standing in the corner of his room staring straight into my soul. It scarred me for life.

He was always the life of the party. Always happy to see you. Always keen to meet new people, make new friends. Sigh. I’ll miss him.

I guess this post is my roundabout way of telling everyone reading this to make sure you tell the people in your life that you cherish them. Because one day they suddenly disappear and you’ll very much wish you had.