Random Thoughts

This storm moving its way around the M60 and bypassing Sale...

Me sat at home like

My husband has been making fun of my latest DIY planting tricks (I basically make my own fertiliser but putting whatever we would throw that's fruit or veg waste (like pepper ends, tomato peels, banana peels, egg shells etc) in water and leaving it out to become mulch BUT our cactuses have started blooming for the first time ever, most pots have started growing decade old plants back again, the avocado mini tree is now 1 meter tall and there's a tiny tomato plant now appearing out of nowhere, so who won, me again hehehe!
Speaking about @Vasilios behind his back with another girly at work…

My friend: “Wait, how do you know him?!”

*gestures to Vas’ instagram profile while perusing my friends list*

Me: “Oh. Haha it’s a long story involving a now defunct British girl band and a site full of fags.”

Him: “Wait. He knows Arca and Ariana?!”

Me: “Girl, IDK. He’s in Europe and has a man. Good luck with that!”

Him: “Hmmm…”

Has anyone ever willingly disclosed their alleged involvement with this site with any friends or family?
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