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I mean, maybe she wasn’t devastated and it’s just a sensationalised clickbait headline to get people to click on an article and then talk about it?
Very possible but I personally know people who are devastated because of things like that. They live in a much different world than I do.
@Raichu hitching up in here over the past week to feel personally aggravated by a women's view of her own wedding day,
or feel sorry for billionaires who do mind numbingly stupid things...


Sorry but feeling bad for people who died (especially before we knew the death was quick) and rolling my eyes at somebody being dramatic about a wedding cake is normal. You don't have to personally like billionaires to have some basic humanity and most people would think being devastated about a wedding cake is over the top.

Your post honestly feels like some weird gaslighting. You're basically telling me I'm wrong for having empathy in a life and death situation versus a cake of all things. Also, if it was just the billionaires or the stupid CEO, that'd be one thing. But there was also a 19 year old who didn't want to go and the grieving families. While some of the memes were funny, it really is emblematic of the lack of humanity on the internet.
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Also, if pop girls were billionaires and died in that sub, y'all would straight up feel bad for them. I mean, people were even feeling sorry for Taylor Swift about her break up, which I didn't give even a fraction of a shit about. But I would absolutely feel bad if she died.
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I'm as anti-capitalist as they come and I think nothing good ultimately comes of it but this whole "don't feel bad for billionaires in any situation" and "they are automatically terrible people" spiel that's becoming popular on the e-left is seriously brain worms. It doesn't hold up to any scrutiny.

I think income should be capped and people shouldn't be legally allowed to have a billion dollars, but I not going to sit there and react to people potentially losing oxygen in a sub or grieving family members with "Eat the rich!" It's just fucking stupid.