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Peter commented to us that copyright claims have arisen over embedded media, such as YouTube videos, Twitter and Insta posts, mainly concerning premiering artist's music videos/single release dates. It's fine to talk about these artists generally, the threads that have been moved (that I've noticed anyway) are mostly non recent ones/acts who are in between campaigns. It's all being looked into, the threads have been moved rather than all the relevant posts deleted to help save time while these copyright claims are hopefully resolved somewhat. Hope this clears it up a little bit!
Thanks for sharing. Super weird for the copyright claims to come to Popjustice if the media isn’t even hosted on the site. If a tweet is embedded here, it’ll be embedded in countless other places.
Putting all of these albums in one collage (and with a few additions of my own hehe) it's like.....................look at the material.


NOT the Gloria Estefan sneak!
I'm currently obsessed with Me Against the Music. I find it's often overshadowed by Toxic but it really is fantastic and deserves more praise.

The pulsating beats, Britney's sultry and confident delivery paired with Madonna's featured vocals - an irresistible dancefloor anthem.

Toxic really is a perfect pop song that showcases Britney's immense impact on the pop music landscape, but Me Against the Music equally achieves this feat and shows that Britney's artistry shines brightly in various music styles.

In this essay I will -