Random Thoughts

Oh we’re back up!? I really thought this was it
Poor my neighbours having to deal with me coming home from work pretty much every night for the last week and blasting whatever new leak or release has happened during the day. September? STUFFED. I just know the guy upstairs whose mail I sometimes take is getting his life to "Plastic" by slayyyter!

If you live in the Bay Area you never have to worry about being hot except for the one week every year/other year where it gets 100+ because of a heat dome made worse by manmade climate change and most of the city doesn't have AC. :')

The lack of AC in cities like Seattle and San Fran is a whole different story and should be illegal when you're paying at least $3,500 a month on rent.
I just woke up from a dream in which I was at a party where Roop heard Donny Osmond talking shit and proceeded to call him a has been and mentioned that at least he drops an album every year.