Random Thoughts

he/him/basic cishomo
I love corn. It's delicious.
I always hated the stuff and still have no time for it as the kind of standard canned veggie you have with pork chops and mashed taters, but when you barbecue it or aggressively sautee it in fat, oh shit look out for Miss Corn coming to snatch me.

Corn also gives us the arepa, which is surely God's preferred breadstuff. I describe it to my family as popcorn pita dd. The stuffed ones in Colombia? Arepa de huevo?!! Oh my God, the Egg McMuffin found decapitated.
I've seen the odd thing posted on here about Holly Valance but a recent interview of hers just popped up on my TikTok and she really is deplorable isn't she? Praising the Tate brothers amongst other things?? The way a 3 minute video has completely put me off her, do I want to read more about her political views?