Random Thoughts


Omg same! Not being able to cross the road and get anywhere made me believe it’s a day to do absolutely nothing
People with cars near me have to leave them in a college car park in case they want to get out at any point. I just don’t bother doing anything unless it’s watching the race.
this one is for the boys
with the booming system

top down


with the cooler system



Instead of trying to listen to the new Taylor album again, I streamed Talk About Love another 200 times! You can and you should too!

Perrie Edwards found shaking.

Again? I'm not even gonna listen to it once, but I'll definitely listen to this bop for the ages!
I am getting solar panels installed today and they just arrived to my house now... One of the guys is a total hottie... Now how do I get rid of the other one to get the hottie alone?

I already offered them coffee but they said they want it later.