Random Thoughts

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Short King looks even better with a beard!

Beb what is this?? I can’t cope with how cloudy it is today.
I dunno! I am a summer girlie through and through but this year I'm kinda more looking forward to the tail end of the year. I think I'm just burned out from work and need a holiday to properly enjoy the summer!
he/him/basic cishomo
I'm pretty jet-lagged so doing anything substantial today would be dumb (it was almost 20 hours of flying), so just resting tonight.

But tomorrow I'm daydrinking in the sun

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God I would love to live through you for the next few days, slayage upon slayage is guaranteed in your immediate future.

And my ears pricked up with the discussion of SAD summers because yeah. It's pavlovian since my rock bottom happened during a summer, but that feeling when it's a beautiful sunny day outside but your life is terrible and the prettiness feels oppressive. Ugh. I distinctly remember feeling relief and like myself again only after night fell. What doesn't kill me makes me stronger I guess!