Random Thoughts

Kabosu, the Doge meme dog, passed away and I made the huge mistake of looking up her Instagram page.

Seems like my grandads funeral is all sorted out. Really thankful that I might be able to keep his wedding ring as a keepsake. So far the feuds within my family haven’t interfered which is a huge relief, they got in the way of my Grans funeral and I don’t want it again.
Feeling glad that it’s all smooth and he is getting the send off he deserves.
Trying to find stories about my Grandad which won't feature swearing because they will be read in a religious building...or that don't feature him dragging my Aunt for filth.
So far I'm left with him letting my smoke his pipe when I was 5 and the fact he'd put half a tub of salted butter on a slice of toast for my breakfast when I'd visit him and my Gran.

The cremation is going to be more lit than previously thought.
That’s person needs serious help, or a hobby. Something! Anything! @JMRGBY Sorry they keep pestering you. Defo report to IG and I’d even go even further to report to the police because threatening you with physical violence IRL over Taylor Swift is fucking unhinged. Please be safe.