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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Is this where I point out that before Hey Soul Sister was inflicted upon the world and they became Maroon 5 But Make It Rawk that I actually don't think Train's music was entirely terrible and y'all make fun of me for that

    and also that I saw them debut it live, during which Pat Monahan pulled down his shirt during the "untrimmed chest" line (revealing a very trimmed chest) and the gaggle of middle aged women in the audience lost their damn minds? I'm sorry for not stopping the evil back then
  2. I'm willing to concede this but their output since 2009 has been so horrifying that it's hard to look at them as anything other than shit. I'm not even joking when I say I'll take Maroon 5's low-effort basicness over them. At least they've never released something as atrocious as this.
  3. The fact that this could have been anything they've released in the past ten years and it wasn't even the song I was expecting is...sobering. Jesus Christ they've really become the lowest of the lowest common denominator
  4. I'm so happy @R92 logged on twice in once week.

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  5. R92


  6. Me when I need something to step on: thank u, necks
  7. Thirteen-year-old shrimp got his damn life to "Drops of Jupiter" back in the day.

    Thirteen-year-old shrimp was kind of a dork.
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  8. Tbh nostalgia has a lot to do with it I'm sure, but their first three alberms are still pretty great. It went downhill quickly after 2003 or so
  9. I know literally nothing of them beyond a handful of singles, but like I said, "Drops of Jupiter" was THE business.
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  10. I think the only reason I was exposed to them a lot was because my dad used to play their albums regularly when I was a kid. It's the same reason I legitimately, unironically enjoy quite a few Barenaked Ladies albums.

    On the flipside, I got him stanning Nelly Furtado when I was 13 because I hammered her albums so much, so
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  11. [​IMG]

    Even though her new album/persona is for... acquired tastes, Ms. Kesha jumping onto the scene in 2009 with the trashiest of trash bops will never not be iconic. Her & Gaga & Katy made me gay and doomed me to spend years on this forum.
  12. I sensed white mediocrity and came as fast as I could
  13. Never forget the time Kesha gave Andrew W.K. a tattoo with a safety pin


    Icons only. I'm actually so pressed they never collaborated back in the day
  14. Kesha is legitimately one of my favorite pop acts of the last decade. She came at the perfect time in my life -- I turned 21 in 2009 -- and I just love everything about her. I prefer Animal to The Fame because I am a basic binch dddd
  15. I always liked her but she really won me over with Warrior, interestingly enough. She's only grown on me since.
  16. I randomly remembered a few months ago that she used to run a Tumblr blog literally dedicated to her putting men's beards in her mouth (fucking SCREAM at @Vasilios being on it lksanjdLKJSADLJ).
  17. Oh...my god?????????? This is incredible.

    (and of course she'd be using that theme)

  18. @Vasilios CANCELLED
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