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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. My family when I visited for Christmas


  2. Just... can we talk about what a hot burning piece of unsalvageable shitstain this fucking rubbish is? It's so bad it actually makes me physically ill and puts me on emotional distress.
  3. I can’t believe Man Of The Woods came out less than a year ago. If an album drops in the middle of the woods and no one streams it, does it make a sound?

    (Also woof I’ve never watched the video before and wow has JT aged poorly)
  4. Looks like it's time to revive my cherished post:
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  5. I tried it 3 times back then because there was a lack of pop music from male artists.
    well, "supply ay ay" -"okie" is probably the worst hook I have heard this decade.
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  6. On another note, here is my debut album's tracklist, do give it a support fellow pop fans!
  7. Trying to be a boss my whole Korea but using my holiday days for job interviews is starting to look suspicious

  8. Prince sucking away JT’s life force from beyond the grave. It’s karma for crossing him and dumping on Janet when she was down.
  9. Why am I bopping to that awful Thunder song
  10. Mmmmk But it’s her best song.
  11. I was on about this
  12. My gym has started playing Sweet Butter Cyclone constantly.

    It’s gonna be a huge hit isn’t it?
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  13. Yeah I know, at least I posted the slightly lesser of two evils
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  14. Loving this random man of the white hoods dragging session

  15. I haven't listened to Man of the Woods in a long time but I remembered liking Filthy, the Alicia song, and one other at the time. Looking at the tracklist I cannot recall how any go but I think it may have been Midnight Summer Jam? Still, talk about a shocking fall from grace. Deserved of course.

    In any event, I did listen to FS/LS last week and it does go off.
  16. I have no interest in listening to Justin Timberlake in the same way I feel about Chris Brown and R. Kelly.
  17. Understandable tibb. This is a genuine question, does anyone delete productions/features? Obviously Do What U Want is a... unique case because of the song's content, but like I have tons of R. Kelly and Chris Brown cowrites/productions housed in my iTunes (I have none of their actual material). I don't stream so they aren't making coin, but is my OCD being an extra bitch by not wanting incomplete Lil Kim/Ciara/Brandy albums in my library??? I think if I was streaming I would boycott even those, but I still feel a lil' grimey.
  18. This page needs a cleansing. Here ya go.

  19. We love a German-infused bawp. 99 Luftballoons whomst

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