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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. I think it depends how you feel personally. I find actually hearing R Kelly and Chris Brown's voices difficult knowing their pasts and the various allegations they've faced (and continue to face), but production and co-writes aren't as conflicting for me. I deleted the R Kelly duet from ARTPOP and replaced it with the (superior) Christina version, and as of yesterday, the solo version because I didn't know this existed until then. But, as an example, I don't feel the same sort of conflict when I listen to Britney's "Outragerous" which was co-written by R Kelly because he doesn't feature vocally. Another time I can remember feeling put off by something like this is Rolf Harris's feature on Kate Bush's "Aerial" album after he was convicted. I'm so glad the re-release replaced him. But, I don't feel the same sense of dread when I listen to Kate's song "The Dreaming" which has Rolf playing the didgeridoo.
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  2. I like to imagine Ariana looking at this on YouTube, hearing Pharrell sneezing and sheeshing on the track, and thinking "... oh yes. This is what I want for my album!".
  3. The weakness that that has. The irrelevancy that that has. The stupidity that that has. The local implications that that has.

  4. hey hi happy friday fellow nervous wrecks
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  5. JT just... had his age catch up to him.
  6. Man of the Woods fucking blows and is the literal sound of hitting the very bottom of the creative barrel.

    I used to really like him too, but that whole campaign was just horribly offputting
  7. Why no non-JPop artists call up Yasutaka Nakata when they’re looking to make great bops, I’ll never know.
  8. Man of the Woods must be the most horribly misguided album campaign I've ever seen. The way NO ONE would remove their foot from his neck...
  9. If-you-tell-me-no-NOT-givin'up-NO-If-you-tell-me-no-NOT-givin'-up-No-nevAH-giving-up-Not-giving-up-on-love

    OH OUHH​


    OH OUHH​

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  10. Frankly even putting aside the awful music, the whole Paisley Park listening party and Prince projection on a fucking bed sheet at the Super Bowl is what still pisses me off the most about Man of the Woods. Like, Prince clearly and unequivocally did not like Justin when he was alive, and for JT to basically use his death to change the narrative like that was so gross.
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  11. There is no greater kii than JT’s album projections going DOWN after his halftime performance.

    The power Prince’s side eye has, even from the grave.
  12. How did JT get away with that Paisley Park performance?
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  13. I never fully forgave Janeane for antagonizing Fiona Apple and now I feel justified.

  14. Wow, those quotes are garbage. I expected better of Heather Mooney.
  15. If anyone was to have an album launch party at Paisley Park it should have been an actual protégée of Prince like Janelle. The sheer audacity of the estate to let Justin perform there really does irk me to this day.
  16. 2014

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    The middle 8 to Kelis' Acapella

  17. Oh and lemme add I hope Target lost a profit on that special edition vinyl for that album and they paved some streets with them somewhere.
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  18. These profiles without profile pictures rarely have a good opinion to spout, do they?
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  19. BTG


    Me during Saturday Night by Natalia Kills.

  20. I’m twenty five today!

    We’re going to celebrate by dragging my friends to tame impala night at a hipster bar and then to see local queens and probably do some karaoke, then cap the night off at my favorite Korean spot (where they spoil me and my group of friends with free alcohol and food because we are there legitimately EVERY week)
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