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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Yougotmefeigningandyougotmefeelingweak
    Alesha Dixon, ha legend.
  2. THIS, times 2000. when that whole thing went down, I was LIVID. Justin quit making a career out of riding others' coattails challenge, do that challenge.
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  3. She has plans tonight for once dddd Sorry!
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  4. LTG


    remember when David Bowie said Lorde was the future of music?

    Did that bitch have a time machine or did he have an advance copy of Melodrama?
  5. Better. He had taste.
  6. I’m going to a Bowie drag brunch tomorrow and I’m fully ready to be abandoned by my friends after my drunk ass starts crying about the GeePee never fully coming around to his Berlin period.
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  8. LTG


    That’s what I was watching. Well the version that has Annie Lennox’s 40 min speech I had to skip first x
  9. LTG


    We all know the GP don’t know shit tho
  10. LTG


    She’s got tonsillitis and is in bed watching some iconic YouTube vids

    remember that queen still owns this dress and wore it last year?
  11. 'Low' is one of the most brilliant albums ever created, and I will ride that opinion to the grave. When the synths kick in during 'Sound and Vision', I get chills.
  12. Rem


    I fucking screamed.
  13. Sound and Vision was the only other song I considered for the PJ users favorite songs rate. It’s something special.
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  14. nnñ NOT "alive girl"!
  15. Why are hotel rooms so stuffy?

    A random thought for today.
  16. LTG


  17. Okay but as long as we’re talking Prince, no one has come even close to the brilliance of his halftime show.
  18. The talent that has, the power that has, the legendary energy that has, the impact that has

    and the fact that the whole thing is over thirty minutes long but every edit feels like a complete piece...see above
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