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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  2. I just freed up 6.75GB of space on my hard drive by deleting un-added files in my iTunes Library folder

  3. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Not my favourite J*s*n D*r*l* song
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  4. Gifs are being used so no.
  5. Hello everyone in 2019, I have somehow only just realized the meaning of the Peaches (singer) album title Impeach My Bush

    I am so dumb lol why would I accept that title as something standard
  6. Green Book is trash. Wow.
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  7. Thanks to this thread I am blasting Sheila E's Love Bizarre. What. A. Fucking. Song.

    And this performance. The talent it has, the effortlessness it has, the funk it has
  8. My Oovoo Javier is playing the extended mix of Raspberry Beret which is truly divine and I believe that we conjured this magical moment today.

    Thank you my fellow Little Berets
  9. I missed all the Prince stanning. A icon.

  10. Oh. Makes even more sense now.

  11. Remember when we all collectively stanned Gabrielle in Random Thots a few years back? We should do that again.

    I also can't not refer to her as "Blind Gabrielle" subconsciously thanks to @Robsolete
  12. That was @Rhombus

    Anyways, yes.

    "It's a hip moving song!"
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  13. SCREAM I followed a porn star on Twitter, and he sent me a personal video thanking me for the follow saying, and I quote, "you draw cocks and cum filled holes beautifully" looking right at me... I'm honestly kinda shook?

    Porn professionals from different fields supporting each other... wow we truly are living in the future.

    Kiis aside, this made my day.
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  14. mama said there’ll be gays like this, there’ll be gays like this mama said
  15. If we're on Prince, we're thankful he helped give us this:



  17. I introduced my roommates to poppers last night
  18. She's 25, ladies.

  19. How did that go?
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