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Random Thoughts

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Laura Vanderbooben, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. One of them stayed til lights out at the bar and threw his widened cat back
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  3. I only just realised this by reading your post

  4. RJF


    Scottish Twitter is a damn mess.
  5. I get second hand embarrassment when people type in Scottish slang
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  6. The Steps thread has really devolved into fan fiction huh

  7. Here is my new track for the car ride at night on highways
  8. Any of y'all ever stop and think for a moment how in it we are with pop/music in general and just go, "Man I am a fucking nerd."

    But I am OK with this.
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  9. It's great how gay acceptance is at an all time high in certain countries... however...

    I do have close straight friends who still, after all this time, refer to being gay as a choice. It's the same with mainstream media.
  10. Me logging into Imgur to save a GIF and seeing the mouth breathers have upvoted a comic where the punchline is a guy murdering a child who's coded as autistic because the child broke down in the market checkout line

  11. I've saved a PJ-specific gif edit and accidentally set it on public, and the next time I logged in it at 89 down votes and 10 comments brigading what I unleashed on the geepee. Imgur is a cancer.
  12. I've used imgbb for a year now and haven't really missed imgur.
  13. Yes Stan the iconic Queen imgbb. Imgur throwing itself into a volcano by basically becomeing 9Gag and ruining gifs can’t relate
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  15. Eh ken

  16. Everyone sliding on into Monday.
  17. Me remembering that my mental illnesses get way worse every winter and they're already quite bad but they don't even usually peak until about March

  18. Me when people try and type in Nadine Coyle's accent.
  19. [​IMG]

    I'm not proud of my 2012 forrum presence.
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