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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Thank god for Catch Up TV.
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  2. I don't want a thread about John Hillerman to end up with few replies so I'll just post it here but the Recent Deaths section of wikipedia is so awful yet informative. You read it and hope to not read names of your favorite stars.
    Today I found out Magnum P.I.'s John Hillerman died. They were a great team on the show.
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  3. Yeah I saw this over the weekend, such a shame. Magnum really was a great show, and his role as the butler against Tom's Magnum was a great pairing.
  4. A&E has been great lately because I recently discovered the Leah Remini against Scientology show and the Elizabeth Smart docu-series is also very compelling. I highly recommend both.
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  5. - GameFace is funny, Motherland is superb... That's two great female led British comedies on tv/catchup at the moment.
    - Howard's End is the Beeb giving us the traditional Winter Period Drama, and thus far, it's a steller adaptation of quite an unknown story, which I always find works best (I mean we don't need anymore Austen for a good decade).
    - Shameless US is the best it's ever been, like, it feels as if the show has a new lease of life, and I'm so happy it's already been renewed for another season.
    - Riverdale is going alright, though it's not quite as gripping as the first season, and it feels like a reaction to them having double the episodes.
    - The Walking Dead is horrendous, but I can't stop watching in the hope it gets better (the Carol episode last week was a spark, that I feel will be extinguished by this week's).
    - The soaps are gearing up for Christmas, I'm always excited when new producers come in, so Eastenders actually has me watching, but of course, Corrie (Carla returning) and a Emmerdale (Wow at that Dingle flashback episode) continue to keep me loving them.
    - I'm still obsessed with Grand Designs, and luckily have half the last series to still watch.
  6. I’m giving Brooklyn 99 a go as I see it’s on Netflix and I’m really enjoying it. It’s got those Parks and Recreation laugh out loud moments (and Andy Samburg yass!)
  7. I love it. And I crush so hard on Andy Samberg!
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  8. Gurl I am right there with you (despite misspelling his surname)
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  9. Oop, I didn't even notice! But you have good taste so you're forgiven.
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  10. Absolutely love Brooklyn 99, well written and great characters, although I could do with a lot less Scully and Hitchcock.
  11. Godless is good!

    The final showdown is epic af, and the last 5 min made me lose it and rewatch them 3 times.
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  12. The first episode was so boring!
    I’ll watch the rest but I’m not exactly excited to...
  13. It is a slow one indeed, but I wasn't bored for a second.

    I really hope they don't try to stretch it with a second season.
  14. "Don't worry Tubbs, they won't get far!"

    Anyone else looking forward to The League Of Gentlemen returning next week?
    I can't wait, I'm nearing the end of Series 2 in a hopeful full rewatch before it's back. I think The Christmas Special is my favourite.
  15. I started watch a Belgian TV show on Netflix called Hotel Beau Sejour. It's about a teenage girl who wakes up in a hotel with a bloody head. She goes to the bathroom and sees her own dead body in the bath.

    She realizes that 5 people can still see and talk to her, her father, stepsister, best friend, local crooked policeman and the policeman's son. She tries to find out who killed her and why. I'm 5 episodes in and it's very watchable. Also learning that Flemish people constantly use French and English words.
  16. It is one of the better Flemish tv shows of the past couple of years. The performances of the actors are fantastic and the general vibe of it all is excellent. I especially loved up-and-comer Lynn Van Royen and the established Inge Paulussen's performances, who play the dead girl and her mother respectively.

    And yes, we do use French words often, because it's intwined in all of our dialects (there are a lot here) and English I think just as much as other European countries.
  17. There‘s a French series on Netflix called ‚The Frozen Dead‘ which I can really recommend. It’s a serial killer show with a beautiful snowy scenery.
  18. I hadn't watched it in years, but I recently watched Home and Away. They do know that half of the reason to watch was for the opening credits?

    Give me back my small town Australian fantasy.
  19. So I’ve been recently introduced to Grimm by the husband and while the show is really rather good, the discovery of Nick Burkhardt has brought new purpose to my tv and my life!
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  20. Anyone watching Collateral on the BBC2?
    It’s stunning
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