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Random TV Stuff

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Yaaaaaas, I’ve got the third episode to watch I’m so hype
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  2. Watching it right now... so spellbinding. It doesn’t feel like it’s had enough fan fair.
  3. Agreed. I'm surprised it's on BBC2 rather than 1 (and even how much difference that still makes in this day and age).

    Only bad thing about it for me is Billie Piper. She's 'acting' so hard she looks like she might burst a blood vessel.
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  4. I felt the same when I started watching it again recently. No proper title sequence and a distinct lack of foster kids makes it a shadow of its former self. I watched one episode recently which was really old-school with Alf Stewart heading up some sort of Surf Club festival but then it descended into dead bodies and wannabe gangsters for the second half of the show. It's a shame.
  5. So weird I was literally about to post about watching this. I'm nearing the end of Season 2 and I'm surprised at how decent the show actually is. Very underrated.
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  6. Agreed! I’m up to the end of season 4 and it really keeps getting better. I love how strong the cast is and I how I care about (nearly) all of them

    Us Kylie fans really do have excellent taste!
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  7. Not them going to Universal! What a step down from Disney.

    I should get tickets.. cos I wanna see Scarlett.
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  8. I'd rather go to Universal Studios than Disney World but then again I'm into my thrills.
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  9. Did someone actually happen or is the media blowing it out of proportion as usual? Did someone actually get seriously hurt?
  10. A little girl got hurt in one of the cars he crashed into but luckily no serious injuries. It's kinda infuriating to see the public support he's getting actually.
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  11. Imagine if Cat Deeley joined him to co host the Universal show. . .
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  12. As opposed to everyone calling out for his immediate execution?
    Why do you all only care when this happens with celebrities? Nobody could care less when it's mere mortals involved in these accidents.
    The girls probably has a scratch or two anyway.
  13. That's a disgusting way to look at it though. Celeb or non-celeb I'd feel the same way if someone got into a car and decided to drink & drive. Not calling for his execution but I find it rather interesting how he has been shown more support compared to past celebs who have been in the same incidents.
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  14. For more ride experience Universal for sure but for the overall experience, Disney for the win. Shame I'm already planning on doing something for that day at Disney... getting drunk at Epcot.
  15. I do love Disney's theming. Have fun in Epcot.
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  16. This is fucking gross.
  17. There’s a new Derren Brown special on Netflix called The Push, all about social compliance. It’s so good but so intense!
  18. Has anyone watched Wannabe on BBC Three? A comedy about a former girlband member who tries to put the group back together. Just watched all 4 and its really funny even, main character is very David Brent.
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